9 Owls That Have The Most Adorable Faces Ever

6. Great Grey Owl

A high forehead and concentric circles give this large owl a permanently surprised expression. The giant night bird soars silently through the boreal forests of North America, Scandinavia, Russia, and Northern Asia, where they can plunge into snow up to a foot deep to catch small mammals.

5. Tawny Owl

Mottled brown feathers and eyebrow-like coloring help distinguish the expressive face of a tawny owl. The birds aren’t fussy eaters, as they’re happy to gobble a bat, a worm, or a mouse. This trait has helped them become one of Europe’s most common owls.

4. Eurasian Eagle-owl

Glowing orange eyes, black ear tufts, and a six-foot wingspan give this owl the look of a warrior. The cliff-dwelling bird has the bravery to match, taking on other birds and even swooping down on young deer.

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