9 Owls That Have The Most Adorable Faces Ever

3. Northern Pygmy Owl

A face of white freckles and observant yellow eyes make this pocket-sized owl look like a visitor from a fairy tale. Standing just six inches tall, the elusive bird lives in the forests of western North America where it hunts everything from insects to songbirds. To find one, listen for the alarm calls of these smaller birds, who often form a defensive mob to harass the tiny owl.

2. Great Horned Owl

If this owl’s big yellow eyes look more adorable than intimidating, just wait until you see him swoop into action. Nicknamed “tiger owls”, they are fearless predators who tackle prey even larger than themselves, which explains why you see great horned decoys atop barn roofs to scare away both pests and small prey.

1. Spotted Wood Owl

This tropical owl has round black eyes rimmed in red and an orange face that make it look almost mournful as this bird sings its low call at dusk. Though not endangered, you won’t spot this owl unless you happen to be in the forests of southeast Asia, where it ranges from Myanmar to the island of Java.

To spot the owls that live near you, learn what type of terrain they like best and when they are most active. You can get familiar with the calls of your local owls before you head out so you can recognize them when you hear them.

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