Zolushka Has Made History!

Tiger conservationists have reason to celebrate! In 2013, a tiger cub named Zolushka was rescued by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and later released back into the wild. Camera traps have captured images of Zolushka's successful reintroduction to the wild, including successful hunts.

Recently, however, camera traps saw something very special… Zolushka has cubs!


This is the first time a rehabilitated Amur tiger has given birth to cubs in the wild, making this a huge success for everyone involved with helping Zolushka return to the wild. It’s also a reason for celebration for conservationists, as the birth of Zolushka's might be a turning point for wild Amur tigers.

IFAW, the group that prepared Zouluska for her return to the wild, works around the world to help protect and care for tigers. In the United States, IFAW rescues cats from dangerous or cruel captive situations, and moves them into qualified lifetime sanctuaries.

Your donation can help provide food and care for tigers and other big cats in lifetime sanctuaries.

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