Wild Animals Are Enjoying Yosemite National Park During Closures

As the global pandemic causes people to shelter inside, the wildlife of the world is beginning to make massive reappearances. Birds are heard chirping again in New York City, foxes are running wild in the streets of Dublin, and Yosemite National Park is seeing a surge in wildlife coming out to explore the now quiet park.

While Yosemite Valley is a nature spot, it’s also a highly popular tourist destination for those seeking the natural beauty of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. However, in order to implement social distancing to curb the spread of COVID-19, the national park shut down to visitors – and has been shut since the 20th of March.

In the following weeks since, the wildlife, that is normally shy and avoid human interaction, are beginning to take back their suddenly quiet park.

Yosemite’s Facebook posted, “it’s reassuring to see that nature carries on as it always has.”


Wildlife biologist Ranger, Katie, posted a live stream on Facebook showing black bears enjoying their park being free of people.

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She explained, “For the most part, I think they’re having a party. I think that this time of year is difficult for the animals here. There can literally be walls of cars, stop and go traffic or people in the park. So, for the bears, they normally have to pick through these little corridors that they have to move through in the valley to get from point A to B. Now that there are no people, the bears are literally just walking down the road to get to where they need to go, which is kind of cool to see.”

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Posted by Yosemite National Park on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Besides doing their normal bear stuff like climbing trees, they’re busy having fun entertaining themselves.

A worker in Yosemite Village, Dane Peterson, said to LA Times, “The bear population has quadrupled. It’s not like they aren’t usually here. It’s that they usually hang back at the edges, or move in the shadows.”

And it’s not just the bears who are enjoying their new freedom, there are also plenty of coyotes and bobcats who’ve been coming out to play. Normally, during this time of year, Yosemite will see an average 300,000 visitors, so having absolutely none but be a huge change for these animals.

Watch the video of bears being bears below:

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