Worried Duck Checks On His Capybara Friend

A viral video depicts the sweet relationship between a duck and his capybara friend. It’s cute enough watching two animal friends play of the same species, but seeing the different species interact is extra special to witness.

In the video, you can see the two swimming together peacefully.

Photo: Reddit/u/waqararif

Suddenly, the capybara freezes up and sinks under the water. It appears like he’s playing, but the duck appears worried.

Reddit user u/waqararif shared the video with the caption, “The duck looks so worried..”

People in the comments could not help but agree.

Photo: Reddit/u/waqararif

“Aaaawww the video is too short! What happens next? Talk about a cliff hanger,” someone commented. “The duck’s like ‘oh my god, is he dead!? Oh no, I killed him!'” another person joked.

“Noo capyy.. don’t make the duck worry….,” someone wrote. “That duck is awesome,” another person said. We’re inclined to agree with them.

Photo: Reddit/u/waqararif

Capybaras are known to be friendly, and some even like head scratches!

Seeing two animals of a different species interact is extra special, though. The way the duck seems to care about his friend is so cute!

You can see the duck and the capybara in the video below:

The duck looks so worried..
byu/waqararif inFunnyAnimals

How adorable and funny are they? We are not sure what happens next, but it looks like the capybara is about to come up for air right when the video cuts.

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