The ‘World’s Smallest Cow’ Is The Size Of A Dog

Rani might be a tiny little cow, but she has become quite the celebrity due to her size.

The small cow, who lives in Bangladesh, stands at just 20 inches tall. She is about 26 inches long and tips the scale at only 57 pounds.

In essence, she’s roughly the same size as a medium-sized dog!

Photo: YouTube/The Quint

It is no wonder that she has become so famous because of her size. The little pint-sized bovine already has a wealth of admires who’ve come from all over to try and get a glimpse of her in person.

While she hasn’t officially been named the world’s smallest cow, there are many who believe that she will take the title.

Photo: YouTube/The Quint

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Photo: YouTube/The Quint

In fact, the managers of the farm where Rani is living have already submitted her measurements and information to the Guinness World Records. Guess only time will tell if she is indeed the smallest cow in the world.

Check out the footage below:

What do you think the results will be? Let us know!

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