See a Squirrel Take On a HUGE Woodpecker!

The acorn woodpecker spends much of its time pecking thousands of holes into its territorial tree, and filling those holes with just as many acorns. Like all woodpeckers, the acorn woodpecker can peck up to 12,000 times per day at a force that would render a human unconscious.

But there happens to be a lot of other animals in the forest who would also like to start a massive collection of acorns to prepare for the winter.

Squirrels are in constant search of the precious oak nuts to ensure their supply of winter food will be enough to sustain them during a time where their main food source is incredibly scarce. But when two animals are trying to store up a large amount of the same kind of food, there is almost always going to be some kind of conflict.

Have a look at what happens when a gutsy squirrel tries to move in on one woodpecker’s nut-filled oak tree. Both animals need their food, and they are both willing to fight for it.

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