Woman Captures Incredible Photo Of A Whale From An Airplane

A woman was above the water in an airplane when she spotted a large whale and immediately snapped a photo of it. She shared the incredible photo on social media and it quickly went viral.

California resident Jasmine Childress was flying over the Santa Barbara Channel in a plane known as a “puddle jumper”. Those planes fly lower than commercial planes, allowing Childress a perfect view of the blue water.

During the flight, she spotted something in the water – a whale!

She knew what she was seeing was special and immediately pulled her phone out to take some pictures. She shared the photos on Twitter, saying, “I SAW A FREAKING WHALE FROM A PLANE AND THE PHOTO IS BAD AND I DONT CARE.”

Photo: Twitter/@_JChildress

Since being posted to Twitter, the photo has been shared more than 40,000 times and received over 696,000 likes along with thousands of comments.

Childress, a PhD candidate in the field of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, later shared that she believes the whale she spotted was a gray whale.

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She said:

“These reactions are a bit over-whale-ming (I had to), but I have a few notes!

I was flying over the Santa Barbara channel. I was in a puddle jumper much lower than commercial flights (with one other person + distance + masks!). Pretty sure it’s a grey whale.”

Photo: Twitter/@_JChildress

Several people replied to her post, agreeing that the marmine animal was likely a gray whale.

One person wrote, “That is definitely a young adult gray whale…”

Another shared, “This is a grey whale, and I’m assuming your were flying somewhere off the CA coast. The greys are migrating north now and tend to hug the coastline closer than when southbound.”

Photo: Twitter/@_JChildress

According to the IUCN, gray whales are not an endangered species and have a stable population. However, it’s not typical that one is spotted from an airplane!

Childress’s photos are quite unique and people around the world are amazed that she captured such a neat shot of the majestic creature.

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