Woman Finds Adorable Polka-Dot Spider In Her Garden

Australia is known for having all kinds of scary, if not downright dangerous, animals like crocodiles and snakes.

Even their creepy-crawly insects and arachnids can be terrifying – hello, Huntsman spiders!

But apparently, not all of Australia’s spiders are capable of giving you nightmares.

Photo: Facebook/Deborah Toomey

One Australian woman, Deborah Toomey, actually surprised the internet by sharing a picture of a very adorable spider that she found in her garden. Posting the picture to a Facebook group for amateur entomologists, she showed off a rather cute green jumping spider.

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The spider, which is known as a Mopsus mormon, looks surprisingly precious which its front body marked with polka dots.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Deborah wrote on her post, “Some pics of this cute spider I saw in my garden a little while ago. I have lots of spiders throughout my garden. Just love them.”

It is unsurprising that so many people on Facebook have already shared how much they love the little spider. One person stated that this little green arachnid “is the only spider I am not afraid of.”

Photo: Facebook/Deborah Toomey

Someone else summed up the spider’s appearance as being “a little cutie pie.”

According to The Australian Museum, these green jumping spiders are pretty tiny and grow up to a size of 12mm. They are active during the day, and will hunt their prey at a distance and then attack in a single leap!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Of course, they aren’t always known for being cute and cuddly as they have been known to give humans pretty painful bites.

However, they are not poisonous nor have there ever been any deaths associated with a bite from a Mopsus Mormon.

Photo: Facebook/Deborah Toomey

It is also known that the Mopsus Mormon male spider is the more colorful of the two, and they’re the ones that are decked out with the polka dot patterns. As explained by the museum, these markings are meant to attract a female mate during the male spiders’ “elaborate” courtship dance. How cute!

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