Watch A Wolf Pup Howl For The Very First Time

There’s no denying that puppies are downright adorable, and the same is true of wolf puppies. While wolf pups and domesticated pups share a lot of similarities, there are some things that wolf puppies do that have been lost to other dogs.

Wolf puppies, for example, have an innate instinct to howl to find their pack. Even from just a few weeks old, the tiny pups begin to howl and use it as a form of communication. While domesticated dogs might howl every now and again, they definitely don’t do it to the same extent that wolves do!

A research group in Minnesota captured a video of the adorable moment a wild wolf pup tried to howl for the first time and it’s so cute!

Photo: YouTube/Voyageurs Wolf Project

In the video filmed by The Voyageurs Wolf Project, a group dedicated to “understanding the summer ecology of wolves in and around Voyageurs National Park,” you can see a tiny 4-week-old wolf pup. Suddenly, it begins to make a high-pitched howling noise!

Photo: YouTube/Voyageurs Wolf Project

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Photo: YouTube/Voyageurs Wolf Project

After just a moment, another howl can be heard in the distance and the little pup replies back with its own tiny howl. It quickly becomes clear that the little pup is trying to communicate with other wolves as it attempts to howl louder and louder.

Photo: YouTube/Voyageurs Wolf Project

“Listen to some of this wolf pup’s first howls from only a few weeks ago! A little warning: the pup is pretty loud for only being 4-weeks old!” the video’s description reads.

Watch the adorable video below:

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