[UPDATE] You Won’t Believe What Wisconsin Has Banned


The attack on climate change continues as the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology voted this month to massively cut into NASA’s budget for Earth science next year. A budget cut of nearly 20% was voted through, with the budget dropping from $1.77 billion to $1.45 billion in 2016 — a cut of $323 million. A budget cut of this size will massively disrupt and affect all research regarding our planet.

“It’s hard to believe,” Johnson wrote Wednesday in an op-ed article in The Hill, “that in order to serve an ideological agenda, the majority is willing to slash the science that helps us have a better understanding of our planet.”

This newest attack on climate change is just a drop in the bucket of personal and political attacks against our environment as of late. Read below to find out how you can help!

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If you don’t acknowledge a problem, does it become any less real?

Legislators in Wisconsin sure seem to think so.

According to Bloomburg News, the Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands voted 2-1 to ban employees from doing any work pertaining to climate change or global warming while doing public lands related work.

Today, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands deals primarily with financing public education through the sale and management of land granted by the federal government. Some of that revenue comes from timber industries, which, it probably goes without saying, is often at conflict with environmentalists.

WisconsinCapitol_700x800State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk has argued that environmental concerns are not part of the Commissioners of Public Lands’ sole mission, and they need to focus on “managing our trust funds.”

While this measure impacts only a small number of Wisconsin’s state employees, it’s part of a larger, disturbing trend of states trying to control the way climate change is discussed. Earlier in 2015, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection was accused of ordering its employees to stop using the words “climate change” and “global warming” in official communications.

In a Tuesday conference call with Bloomberg, Wisconsin Secretary of State Douglas La Follette said, “Having been on this board for close to 30 years, I’ve never seen such nonsense. We’ve reached the point now where we’re going to try to gag employees from talking about issues. In this case, climate change. That’s as bad as the governor of Florida recently telling his staff that they could not use the words ‘climate change.'”

Are you as outraged as we are that this is taking place? Add your voice to our petition telling Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, to stand up for free speech. Terms like “climate change” and “global warming” belong in governmental documents!

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