Why Flamingos Stand On One Leg

There are many questions about the natural world that we want answered. And one of these questions we might want the answer to is why do flamingos stand on one foot? Flamingos are already a pretty interesting bird. They’re a lovely shade of pink and have unique body shapes. They’re also flightless. If they’re not unique enough, they also tend to stand on only one leg most of the time. But why?

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Hank Green from SciShow attempts to answer that question for us. In a previous video, he tried to explain why they would stand on one leg for hours on end. He initially believed these flightless birds were doing it as an attempt to conserve heat but it turns out he was wrong. There is a much simpler explanation for their behavior.

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They do it simply because they can. Apparently, their strange bodies allow them to have near-perfect stability – even when they’re deceased. As a result, they can stand for hours on end on just one leg and not tip over. Talk about a superpower!

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As Green explains, “So what’s up with this? Well, the one-legged posture saves energy and is just easier for the birds. In short, flamingos, whether alive, dead or plastic, are perfectly adapted to standing on one leg, and that’s just fine by them.”

Who would’ve thought?

Watch the explanation below:

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