Why are Blue Whales so Enormous?

You may know that blue whales are the largest animals on Earth. But did you know that they’re actually the largest animals that have ever roamed the planet? It’s true! In fact, according to the video below, they’re at least twice as large as the largest dinosaur!

Blue whales are seriously *huge*. They weigh approximately 300,000 pounds, which is so large, it’s hard to get perspective. So, look at it like this: Animal Planet offers they’re roughly the size of 25 adult African bull elephants. The heart of a blue whale? It weighs a literal ton. But that’s nothing compared to their tongues, which can weigh up to *5 tons*!

But what evolutionary advantage do blue whales gain by being so big? Their tiny food source, krill, holds the key to the answer. This TED-Ed video by Asha de Vos seeks to explain with the entertaining help of puppets and animation.

Watch the video and learn something new today!

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