They’re Just Having a Whale of a Time!

Two friendly Southern Right whales were recently filmed saying hello to a paddle boarder, off the coast of Esperance, Australia. The footage, shot by a drone and accompanied by Jack Johnson covering John Lennon’s “Imagine”, is truly breathtaking.

Fun facts about the Southern Right whales: an adult Southern Right whale can grow up to 50 feet long and can weigh up to 80 tonnes! They spend most of their time in the cooler waters of the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Right whale tends to be more active near the water’s surface and are known to interact with other sea creatures and humans — as seen in the video below! It is estimated that the Southern Right whale population ranges from 7,000-10,000 individuals spread across the Southern Hemisphere. Since the hunting ban of these whales, their population has been increasing by 7% on average per year.

The incredible video below offers an amazing perspective of just how large these beautiful creatures are. Enjoy!

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