Overhead Footage Captures Giant Whale Swimming Right Below Paddle Boarder

Thalassophobia is a fear of the ocean. While I’m quite fond of the sea, I can definitely see how its expansiveness creeps the heck out of some people – especially after seeing the video below.

We all know that the ocean covers a huge chunk of our world. For a natural feature right here on our planet, we still don’t know a whole lot about it.

There is still so much left to explore in the ocean – a place that is large enough to accommodate some pretty big animals.

Photo: flickr/Oregon State University

One drone footage caught the moment that one of these creatures from the deep came out to play with a paddle boarder.

We all know that whales are some of the gentle giants that inhabit our seas. But sometimes they get up close and personal with the humans who choose to visit their habitat. That is precisely what happened in Argentina when a man was out paddleboarding.

Photo: YouTube/WBNS 10TV

The drone that was flying overhead managed to catch the entire interaction, including the moment that the curious whale gently nudges the woman’s board in a playful manner.

Whale watching season was in full swing in the Patagonian seaside town of Puerto Madryn. The town’s mayor stated that there were about 1,600 whales that had been spotted in the area.

Photo: YouTube/WBNS 10TV

For Maxi Jonas, a photographer, it was the perfect time to catch some whales on camera, including the shot he got near a southern right whale. The footage was fantastic.

Check out the video below:

What do you think of the clip? How would you feel about seeing a whale so up close and personal? Have you ever had a similar experience while out on the ocean? Let us know!

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