After Being Entangled for 4 Days, This Juvenile Humpback Was Finally Freed

Four days. It took four days to free this juvenile humpback whale. The whale, entangled in fishing gear, was first spotted in the Moss Landing area in California. After that, it was tricky work to save the poor thing; according to the Monterey Herald, the rescue group worked tirelessly to track it and cut it free, finally succeeding several days later. Though the whale suffered some deformities and immobilities from the accident, officials have given it a sunny prognosis. Watch the entanglement team’s efforts in this video!

This year, 40 reports of whale entanglement flowed into the northern Pacific region alone. But entanglement isn’t the only problem whales face; pollution and ships endanger them, too. Your donation can help save these aquatic creatures from harm.

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