Whale Watcher Calls Cops On Happy Humpbacks

A woman who felt she was getting too close to a pod of humpback whales thought she should phone for help, and called 911.

The exchange was caught on camera. But now safe on dry land, the woman is being called a “whalist.”

A relative of the woman, Darren Lucianna, recorded as she made the call, then posted the video to Facebook. It’s been thousands of times on Facebook since then and a few million moren more on Twitter.

Sourc: Twitter/@_SJPeace_
Sourc: Twitter/@_SJPeace_

“I’m out in Puget Sound and there’s three gray whales and I’m afraid we might get flipped over and I’m really scared,” the woman tells a 911 dispatcher.

Was her emergency call warranted? Many on social media think she may have gone a little too far. Then again, what would have happened if her boat capsized and the family was lost at sea?

Sourc: Twitter/@_SJPeace_
Sourc: Twitter/@_SJPeace_

The phone call may have been the only evidence leading authorities back to the whale watchers.

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Nothing of the sort happened, of course. The whales passed by, the boat sped off, and the woman is now free to read the comments online.

Watch this whale of a story in the video below!

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