Man Discovers Waterfall That Naturally Forms Perfect Ice Balls

A 25-year-old photographer in Vancouver, British Columbia shared an incredible natural phenomenon with the world of social media and it quickly went viral.

The photographer, known as BC Wanderer, regularly posts videos and photos of his outdoor adventures around the British Columbia area, but it was one video, in particular, that really caught people’s attention.

Photo: YouTube/BC_Wanderer

In the clip, you can see BC Wanderer approaching a frozen waterfall in Hope, British Columbia, and pulling perfectly round ice balls from the water!

The man pulls out several balls before placing them carefully back at the bottom of the waterfall.

Photo: YouTube/BC_Wanderer

It’s hard to imagine coming across such perfectly smooth and round balls in public, but that’s exactly what happened at this waterfall.

BC Wanderer shared the video, saying: “A frozen waterfall near Hope BC produces perfectly round ice balls!”

Photo: YouTube/BC_Wanderer

He added in the comments, “I was soaking wet and super cold! Didn’t get a ton of footage. I went back the next day, and most of it had melted! It’s always a special treat to witness natural phenomenons!”

You can check it out for yourself below:

Taking to TikTok, BC Wanderer shared a few more clips of natural ice balls he found, and you can see them for yourself below:

@bc_wanderer How cool is this?! #nature #hiketok #explorebc #beautifulbc #winter #icetok ♬ original sound – BC Wanderer

@bc_wanderer Appreciate the small details in life. #explorebc #cascadefalls #missionbc #thefraservalley #bcwaterfalls #beautifulbc #iceballs ♬ beautiful things dont ask for attention – mathias i think

Nature is so cool!

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