Watching A Two Headed Snake Eat Mice Is The Weirdest Thing You Will See All Day

Although we may be attracted to many different types of animals, most people would get out of the way and perhaps run in the opposite direction if either a snake or a mouse were to show up on the scene.

Then again, there is something about watching a two-headed snake eating two mice at the same time that is oddly satisfying.

You can consider it to be similar to watching a train wreck. You know you should turn away, but you just can’t.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Brian Barczyk is just the person to share something like this with us.

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As the owner of BHB Reptiles, he understands snakes and mice all too well. Perhaps that is why he was qualified to share a video of his two-headed snake, named Ben and Jerry, as he chows down on the meal. As you can imagine, the video was a viral sensation.

Photo: Instagram/snakebytestv

He went on to say how Ben and Jerry share the same digestive tract but they have their own mouths. Their trachea doesn’t attach until about an inch from their head.

It may be possible that they will suffer from indigestion because of the two mice going down the same pipe at the same time, but Ben and Jerry don’t seem to mind.

Photo: Instagram/snakebytestv

Most two-headed snakes don’t live past a few months old but Ben & Jerry seem to be an exception to the rule. They will likely live a very long life as a healthy two-headed snake.

Watch the video below:

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