Wally The Walrus Is At It Again: This Time He’s Stealing A Boat

People have been watching a walrus as he has made his 2500 mile journey on his own.

It is thought that he comes from Svalbard to the north of Norway, but he has more recently been seen between Wales, England, and France.

As he makes his journey, he has also made himself comfortable in more ways than one. This includes his recent antics off the Irish coast when he climbs up into a boat and appears to try to take off in it.

Photo: Max Pixel

The boat belongs to Clonakilty Distillery, and they were surprised when the walrus climbed aboard.

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They think that he may have stopped to refresh himself with a gin and tonic.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

The boat is used for the production of gin. They look for rock samphire, which is used to produce the beverage.

The problem is, Wally is so large, even though he is only four years old, that one boat has already been sunk and he has damaged a few others.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

In an effort to offer Wally a safe place to rest, a rescue, Seal Rescue Ireland, is looking for some type of floating platform or pontoon.

They would like Wally to have a place where he can be protected and he will no longer damage property in an effort to find someplace to hang out.

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