Near Boiling Water, Unbearable Acidity, And The Chance Of Eruption Won’t Deter These Sharks!

The volcano Kavachi, located south of the Solomon Islands, is one of the most active volcanos on the planet. The water around it is acidic, hot, and nearly impossible to survive in, especially since an eruption is always right around the corner. Ocean engineer Brennan Phillips took a trip to the hot waters to get an idea about what the waters around Kavachi are like below the surface, an area humans are unable to physically visit. What he found raised countless questions about sea life, and showed us just how amazing some underwater species are, including the king of them all: the shark.

One of the big questions is: do these creatures have some way of knowing an eruption is imminent so they can escape, or do they just perish? While there are sure to be deeper studies, learning just how resilient sharks are adds a new degree of respect for them. The fact that they can survive some of the most hostile environments in the world with seemingly no problem also highlights how destructive humans are to the oceans, and how much of a threat we are to the survival of sharks over a superstition-based meal. It turns out, they aren’t nearly as scary as we think, and are far more impressive than we realize. Thankfully, we can still make progress toward saving this beautiful marine creature by addressing the main threat to their survival: us.

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