Listen To The Hauntingly Beautiful Call Of The Common Loon

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The common loon is a beautiful and powerfully unique water-dwelling bird that can be found in the North American and European woodlands. Their distinctive wail is used in close proximity to one another and serves as a mechanism to reduce the distance between a pair of loons. As one loon wails, the other loon is likely to reciprocate with a matching call. In a sense, it is the common loon’s way of saying “I am here, come to me.”

The word “loon” most likely stems from the Old English word lumme, meaning awkward or clumsy — the name refers to their inability to walk on land due to their posteriorly-positioned feet in relation to the loon’s body. As clumsy and awkward as they may seem on land; no one can deny the beauty in their call.

Experience the quintessential sound of the North Woods as described by Macaulay Library Audio Curator, Greg Budney in this incredible video.

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