Baby Albino Bat Being Shared On Social Media Is A Toy

Viral photos of a “baby albino bat” have been making the rounds across social media and many people have fallen in love with the cute animal.

However, it was discovered that the bat was actually a plushie toy.

Last month, pictures of the baby albino bat started spreading across Twitter, and many people shared that they wanted one for themselves.

Photo: Twitter/MawdsPaws
Photo: Twitter/katy_kin

It’s easy to see why people were so drawn to the cute-looking animal. Its round eyes, fluffy body, and pink ears clinging to a human’s hand look absolutely adorable.

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In one of the pictures, it even appears to be cuddling the human!

Photo: Twitter/@katy_kin

It’s a good lesson in being discerning about what you see on the internet. Many people were quick to share photos of the bat, assuming it was real, with one Facebook user even sharing the photos and writing, “White bat one of the most scarce in the world…”

The picturesque cuteness of the bat seemed too good to be true, and it was. According to Africa Check, a reverse image search revealed the bat was actually an albino vampire plushie. The stuffed animal had been purposefully posed in various positions for photos.

Photo: Twitter/@katy_kin

There are actual white bats in the world, but they don’t exactly look like the viral plushie version.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Honduran white bats are primarily white and can resemble giant cotton balls from the back. They have an orange horn-looking characteristic on their face that doesn’t lend to the cute-and-cuddly look of the plushie.

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