Victor Robles Unknowingly Played An Entire Baseball Inning With A Praying Mantis On His Head

Performing as a high-level athlete requires a lot of dedication and focus. Anyone who’s competed before might know the feeling of getting in “the zone” during a game or performance.

It’s all too easy to lose track of the rest of the world and what’s happening.

This was seen in an adorable and hilarious way in the Nationals vs. Phillies game when Victor Robles was unknowingly carrying a praying mantis on his head.

Photo: flickr/All-Pro Reels

The incident happened during the eighth inning on Monday night when a camera caught the unexpecting Robles standing around with the mantis atop his hat.

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The Washington Nationals shared a video of the footage on Twitter, saying, “Whatever you do, don’t tell Victor Robles that he’s playing CF with a praying mantis on his head.”

Photo: Twitter/Washington Nationals

It’s unclear when Robles became aware of the hitchhiker, but he made it through an entire inning with the little thing.

Some may be impressed that such a small critter could hold onto the hat for such a wild ride, but the praying mantis is actually known for its strength and impressive abilities.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Their legs are designed to catch and hold prey, such as small birds, so they’re quite strong.

Watch the footage of the mantis on Robles’ head in the videos below:

As it turns out, the praying mantis wasn’t the only animal making an appearance in sports. Over at the Yankee Stadium, a cat appeared during a baseball game.

Twitter user @BarnHasSpoken2 shared a video of the feline dashing across the field.

Have you ever seen an animal getting involved in a sports game? Let us know!

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