New Scientific Discovery: Two Frogs More Venomous Than a Pitviper

Last year, scientists discovered something amazing: The world’s first venomous frogs — both species found in Brazil. You may be thinking, “I’ve heard of poison frogs; how is this news!?”

Well, it’s news because, though we have known about frogs with toxic secretions for quite some time, these two species are the first documented frogs that can inject their poison, making them the first known venomous frogs. And it’s actually pretty cool how they do it; they have spines protruding from their skulls that, when they come in contact with skin, can inject deadly toxins directly into their victims’ bloodstream.

Greening’s frog and Bruno’s casque-headed frog are even more toxic than Brazilian pitvipers, which themselves are ridiculously lethal. Greening’s frog venom’s toxicity is about twice that of a pitviper, while Bruno’s casque-headed frog is about twenty-five times as deadly.

So next time you’re in the rainforest and you come across a tiny frog on a log, be sure to think twice before you go petting its little head.

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