8 Reasons To Bury Tea Bags In Your Garden

Gardeners are always looking for organic ways to enhance their soil and reduce pests, and the solution may be used tea bags.

Tea bags are filled with varying combinations of herbs that can help people relax, feel energized, or calm an upset stomach. Most people simply toss their used tea bags in the trash, but there are so many useful ways to use the bags after they are steeped – especially in the garden.

People are discovering that soggy tea bags can be recycled in so many ways that the last place they should go is in the trash. If you are a tea drinker and gardener, you just hit the jackpot. Check out eight ways that tea bags can enhance your garden, just be sure to remove the plastic tag first.


Natural Fertilizer:

“Tea leaves contain tannic acid and nutrients that are natural fertilizers for a garden,” states Natural Ways. As the leaves and bag decompose they release the nutrients into the soil, creating an ideal growing area. They help retain water and many gardeners plant them next to the roots of their plants. The tea bag can also be brewed again and the weak tea can be poured on potted plants as a natural liquid fertilizer.


Pests Deterrent:

Used tea bags and coffee grounds are a great way to prevent pests from eating and destroying your garden. Simply bury the tea bags or sprinkle the coffee grounds around your plants. Another way is to brew the used tea bag again for a weak tea that can be poured over the leaves and around the plants. The natural aroma deters mice, spiders, bugs and even cats.

Reduces Weeds:

Tea bags will not only help your fruits, veggies, and flowers grow, but will discourage the growth of weeds. This might be the most brilliant use of used tea bags, because no one like to pick weeds.


Fungus Fighter:

Black tea and chamomile tea are a gardener’s best-kept secret for fighting fungus on plants. Simply brew a weak tea with the used tea bag and then spray or water indoor and outdoor plants to prevent fungus.

Great For Composting:

Used tea bags contain acid that helps break down other items in the compost pile, allowing you to use the compost sooner. Make sure the tea bag doesn’t contain polypropylene because it does not decompose. If you are unsure, you can always just use the tea leaves inside the bag.


Food For Earthworms:

Earthworms are essential to a healthy and lush garden, and help fertilize the soil. They are hard at work making tunnels that allow water and air to the roots of the plants and used tea bags are a great food source. Recycling your used tea bag to feed your little helpers is a win-win.

Perfect For Growing Seedlings:

Soggy tea bags are perfect for growing seedlings. The tea leaves provide food and help retain water, which produces healthy plants.


Reduces Waste:

By reusing used tea bags, there is less garbage going into landfills. It is a small step in the right direction.

Watch the video below by Natural Ways to learn even more ways to use tea bags in your garden. Don’t forget to share with all your green-thumbed friends.

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