Do You Have A Deck, Patio, Or Roof? You Could Be A Farmer!

Some common products/practices of urban farming are:

  • Fruits and veggies:
    • Whether on your deck, on a city roof, or in your community garden, growing a plant based farm is relatively easy with little maintenance required. Read this list of gardening tips before you get started!
  • Bees:
    • If you have a bit more space, you may consider urban beekeeping!
    • Check out this awesome invention that takes the honey right out of your beehive with little disruption to the bees inside the hive.
  • Chickens:
      • Chickens make for a great backyard addition (if you have the space) because they are relatively easy to care for, produce high-quality eggs, and even act as a garden assistant by eating snails, crickets, and other garden pests!
      • If you choose to raise chickens, you need to ensure that they have a proper living environment, and that they are happy and healthy. Watch this awesome step-by-step guide on how to build a chicken coop:
  • Herb gardens
    • Sage, dill, mint, and thyme are all popular choices for an herb garden. Herb gardens are great because they don’t take up much space or energy to maintain. Many people choose to grow them in their windowsill, on their deck, or on a patio.
  • Bat Houses
    • Installing bat houses around your property is a great way to increase the bat population, and give them a safe and secure place to live.
    • Bats are great at controlling the pest population around your house. In fact, one of their favorite meals are those pesky mosquitos! They also feed on moths, beetles, and other common garden pests. Get your own bat house here!

The impact of urban farming:

Besides being a fun and healthy activity, urban farming also has benefits that extend far past entertainment. Done properly, urban farming has the potential and ability to increase overall food quality, build healthier communities, and enhance economic growth.


Will you give it a try?

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