AMAZING! Thousands of Rays Swimming Together — You Won’t Believe What They Start Doing at 1:02!

Many animals in the wild often come together in mass quantities for the sake of breeding, migration, or any other number of reasons; some of which are completely unknown to scientists.

One of the animals that do these kinds of mass groupings is the mobular ray, and people still have no idea about why they seem to have these large meetups every year.

Mobular rays often gather off the coast of Baja, California, but scientists still haven’t quite figured out why they do this. Now, a recent gathering was so incredibly large that is became one for the record books. Thousands of rays all came together in the same exact spot to form quite the spectacle.

Even though it is still so hard to determine what the cause of these groupings is, just the sight of them is one to marvel at.

Hopefully as time goes on and scientists are better able to study these fascinating creatures, they will finally figure out their secret. Or maybe it will just remain unknown forever!

Watch the video below to see their amazing gathering.

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