Three Years After Surviving the Worst, This Rhino Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby

Three years ago, Thandi the rhinoceros sustained crippling injuries after an assault by poachers — an incident that killed two of her male companions. When veterinarians found Thandi, she was hornless and motionless, and they weren’t sure she would make it.

However, Thandi fought to survive, and her recovery inspired wildlife enthusiasts around the world.

Now, three years later, Thandi has given birth to a healthy, and unlikely, baby rhino. When Adrian Steirn heard of this “miracle birth,” he and a team of fellow filmmakers rushed to get a glimpse of the “rhino that should never have been born.” Now watch the miracle baby rhino in action — taking on the world with its mother. Truly inspiring.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The following video shows actual injuries and death — the real results of poaching. Although it is difficult to watch, the story’s inspiring end outweighs the disturbing content.

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