Undulatus Asperatus Isn’t An Exotic New Species – It’s A New Kind Of Cloud!

It hasn’t happened in over 60 years, but a group of weather lovers want a specific large collection of very tiny droplets of water to get an awesome name.

The Cloud Appreciation Society, a group of weather enthusiasts, is lobbying for Undulatus Asperatus to be a named a new type of cloud in the International Cloud Atlas.

The International Cloud Atlas, first published in 1896, was created to help all in the field of meteorology know the types of clouds that were a part of any weather cycle. The goal of the International Cloud Atlas was the vocabulary used in describing clouds while weather forecasting to be consistent throughout the world.

If the Cloud Appreciation Society is successful, it will be the first new cloud named since 1951. The aptly named Undulatus Asperatus, or “agitated waves”, resembles the view of the ocean from underwater.

Watch the time-lapse video below to catch a glimpse of these beautiful rolling clouds!

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