Compilation Of The World’s Most ‘Unbelievable’ Bird Behavior

The natural world is full of incredible sights. There are so many animals out there that we are constantly learning something new about their behaviors all the time.

Some pretty interesting animals happen to be birds. Their behavioral displays can be quite fascinating.

Throughout the years there have been many different documentaries and series that have brought us interesting tidbits about birds that live in the wild.

Photo: Pixabay

However, BBC Earth has put together a whole compilation of clips from a variety of shows throughout the years that show off some of the most incredible bird behaviors that have been filmed in the wild.

Some of these featured clips happen to be the circular kleptomania of satin bowerbirds in Eastern Australia, as well as the patience and cunning shown by the Hungarian sand martins that wait for mayflies to appear on the surface.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

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Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

There is also the night heron known as Hank in Hawai’i, who fishes using bread. And of course, there is the amazing sight of egrets and dolphins working together in order to get fish to beach themselves onshore in order to eat them.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth
Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

It is so amazing to see just all the different things that birds can be. We definitely don’t give their intelligence enough credit.

Check out the incredible video below:

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