Poetry In Motion: The Beauty Of An Owl In Flight

Birds of prey are some of the most majestic creatures that we can find soaring through the skies of our wonderful planet, and of those birds, owls hold a special kind of beauty.

For Native American’s, owls in particular are of extremely special significance, holding strong beliefs for many different tribes. The Cherokee believe that owls were the animal spirits of the upper world before earth was created. Shamans of the Cherokee also said that owls served as consultants for sickness and punishment.

But native legends and beliefs aren’t the only reason why owls are so special; just one look at them flying through the air can give almost anyone a sense of mystery and awe at their beauty.

The grace and beauty of a barn owl in flight is certainly an incredible marvel of nature. And this slow motion footage captured by Earth Unplugged shows the steps of the barn owl’s silent attack.

See the incredible clip in the video below and just watch as this gorgeous owl shows off it’s amazing flight.

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