UK To Ban Single-Use Plastics

The UK has joined the growing list of countries to push for the ban of single-use plastics.

Following the footsteps of countries including New Zealand, Canada, India, and Kenya, the UK is planning to ban single-use plastics, such as plastic cutlery, balloons, grocery bags, straws, and more.

Single-use plastic has long been under fire for its devastating effects on wildlife and climate change.

Photo: flickr/Chemist 4 U

According to the University of Colorado Boulder, single-use plastics are a “driving force behind climate change.”

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Not only are they derived from fossil fuels, but they never break down once discarded. Instead, they just break into tiny pieces and create micro-plastics which are proving to be devastating to wildlife.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In an attempt to slow the effects of single-use plastics, the UK has proposed a ban on them in the latest Environmental Bill.

If the bill makes it through Parliament, the ban will go into effect and be enforced beginning April 2023.

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According to the BBC, Environment Secretary George Eustice explained, “We have made progress to turn the tide on plastic, banning the supply of plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds, while our carrier bag charge has cut sales by 95% in the main supermarkets. These plans will help us stamp out the unnecessary use of plastics that wreak havoc with our natural environment.”

In addition to banning single-use plastics, the government also plans to impose a plastic packaging tax that will apply to plastic packaging that uses less than 30% recycled materials.

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