True or False: The Collared Peccary Is A Member Of The Domestic Pig Family

False! Although collared peccaries look very similar to pigs, they actually belong to the tayassuidae family of mammals. Similar to the domestic pig in some ways, the collared peccary has a special style, nickname, and method of communicating that is all their own.

Collared peccaries, also known as javelinas, have a unique vocabulary which includes an aggressive sounding “laugh” that they perform during confrontations, as well as a coughing sound that allows the group to keep track of each other in the wild. These interesting mammals have inherited the nickname “musk hogs” because they emit a smelly odor from their glands on their rump and near their eyes that they use to mark their territories and track one another. They actually got their real name, the collared peccary, because of the white “collar” that runs around their shoulders and necks.

Collared peccaries are found throughout Central America to northern Argentina in tropical environments, and are also found in the the Sky Islands of the United States. The magical Sky Islands are home to many impressive and important plants and animals. We have an opportunity for you to help preserve 32,000 acres (50 square miles) of habitat in the Sierra de Huérfana Sky Island. Learn more about how you can help protect these animal’s natural habitat.

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