People Around The World Are Cleaning Up Pollution, All For The #TrashTag

Every day we hear more dire news about the effects of climate change, habitats destroyed, species gone extinct, seemingly all because of human intervention.

So, what would it take to flip that script, and get people around the world to take action, clean up the planet, and make a brighter future? Not much. Technically, it’s just a hashtag.

#TrashTag is the new face of the ecological responsibility. Countless young people from nearly every continent on earth are pitching in and cleaning up polluted areas. They’re not being paid to do it. They do it out of compassion for the planet.
And the selfies.

Source: themostwholesomememes
Have you taken the #TrashTag challenge yet?

Apart from a few hours of labor, the only other requirement to join the #TrashTag movement, is the “before” and “after” photo evidence of your hard work.

Here are a few of our favorite examples:

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Believe it or not, the #TrashTag challenge isn’t new. It was actually started in 2015 by Instagrammer ramblin_reinhold. And it’s great to see it’s still gaining steam!

The only question that remains is, when will you post your first #TrashTag?

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