Here’s To The Beak-inning Of A Beautiful Friendship, And A Toucan With A Full Tummy

This little one fell from his nest and wasn’t doing so well, but luckily a good samaritan came to his rescue and brought him to the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica.

Over 40 species of Toucan live in the rainforests of Central and South America. They often make their homes out of the abandoned hollows and nests of other canopy-dwellers, and travel in “durantes” of five to six.

The toucan’s short wingspan keeps it from flying long distances. This tropical bird’s main food source are the fruits, nuts, insects, and worms found on the forest floor, so you’re more likely to see them hop than fly.

Source: YouTube/Brave Wilderness
Source: YouTube/Brave Wilderness

Toucans take longer to mature in size than other birds do, and before adulthood are vulnerable to predators. Young toucans must be protected by their parents for the first several months after hatching.

As you will see, this baby toucan is LOVED and cared for. He eats yummy fruit four times a day. Isn’t he adorable?

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