Top Five Friday: Cool Coati Facts

A joint project between the Rainforest Site, GreaterGood, and the Sky Alliance is working to preserve 32,000 acres (50 square miles) of habitat in the Sierra de Huérfana Sky Island. You can help fund the last last expedition required before the Mexican National Park Service can establish the area as a reserve. Among the many animals that live in the region is the coati. Continue reading to learn five facts about this fascinating creature.

iStock_000006228484Small1. Coatis are known by a number of names including: coatimundi, Brazilian aardvark, Mexican tejón, cholugo, or moncún and hog-nosed coons. The term coati is derived from the Tupi language of Brazil.

Coati-TCook-PatagoniaMtns2. The coati’s pig-like nose is extremely flexible and can rotate up to 60° in any direction.

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