Listen To 10 Of The Most Unique Animal Sounds

The animal kingdom is home to so many unique and amazing creatures, and almost all of them make sounds that are entirely different from one another. Of course, there are the rare cases of certain animals mimicking the sounds of others, but that’s another story altogether.

Some of the most unique sounding animals are also some of the earth’s most interesting, because for every unique sound, there is usually an incredible reason for why a particular animal needs to make a specific noise.

For instance, the howler monkey (for which it is very appropriately named) is the loudest land animal in the entire world, with it’s howl being able to be heard from more than 3 miles away. But the reason for this impressive auditory display is extremely territorial.

YouTube/BBC Earth Unplugged
YouTube/BBC Earth Unplugged

Howler monkeys belong to very close-knit groups, so in order to warn each other of threats, or even show their group’s strength, they utilize their loud howls to scare away both predators and rival howler monkeys away.

If we start talking about a more well-known animal, you would think that something as iconic as the majestic elephant wouldn’t have a very captivating sound, considering the fact the almost every person on the planet can imitate the well-known trumpeting noises they make with their trunks.

That however, would be a very wrong assumption to make because elephants make another sound that is incredibly unique to their species and serves a very special purpose. It also cannot be heard by humans!

YouTube/BBC Earth Unplugged
YouTube/BBC Earth Unplugged

During the birthing process, female elephants let loose a number of extremely low-frequency sounds that can best be described as ‘rumbles.’ These sounds alert the rest of the elephant herd that there is a newborn that will need the help of all the elephants for protection.

There are all kinds of different animals the produce sounds that are totally unique to their species, allowing them to communicate any number of different things to members of their own species, or even just other animals in the surrounding area.

The video clip below, narrated by Maddie Moate of Earth Unplugged, features ten incredible sounds produced by nature’s various creatures.

Check out the video and let us know about which is your favorite!

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