Tom Van Devender: Sky Island Expert

Right now, the Rainforest Site is working to raise the funds required to allow a team of scientists to travel to the Sierra de Huérfana. Their goal: to collect the data necessary to ensure 32,000 acres in and around Sierra de Huérfana are protected forever.

One of the scientists who will be participating in the expedition is Tom Van Devender, a biologist and manager of the Madrean Archipelago (MABA) at Sky Island Alliance, who will be joined by his dog Toby. Watch the video to learn more about Tom and Toby!

You can help make the protection of Sierra de Huérfana a reality by contributing to our limited-time Gift That Gives More. This time-sensitive initiative is dedicated to helping Tom, Toby, and their team of scientists get the funding they need to preserve 50 square miles in and around Sierra de Huérfana forever.

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