Photographer Captures Time-Lapse Video Of Storm Clouds Forming Over A Lake

Nature has so many stunning moments, and fortunately for us, technology has advanced enough for us to be able to share these remarkable moments with others.

One cool feature is the time-lapse footage. How many times have we been in awe of some natural phenomenon that has been captured using a time-lapse?

They are quite cool to look at, and the one below is no exception.

Photo: YouTube/Peter Maier

Peter Maier, a photographer who works for Visit Austria, managed to get some incredible footage of a cloudburst.

This cluster of clouds was forming over Lake Millstatt in Carinthia, Austria, when Peter managed to get it on video.

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Photo: YouTube/Peter Maier

While a storm cell of this magnitude can be impressive to watch in real-time, there is something extra fascinating about watching it evolve over a time-lapsed video.

It is truly incredible to witness either way – it is a reminder that nature can be so powerful and unexpected at times.

Photo: YouTube/Peter Maier

Watch the video below:

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