3 Ways You Can Help Tigers On International Tiger Day

Friday, July 29, is International Tiger Day, a full day devoted to celebrating one of nature’s most iconic animals.

But this global day of celebration–-founded in 2010 to raise awareness about the big cat’s growing plight–is also bittersweet.

Tigers may rule out in the jungle, but they’re no match for man-made evils like poaching, habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. Unless something changes — and fast — experts predict tigers could go extinct within the next decade.

Photo: Pixabay

3 Ways To Help Tigers On International Tiger Day

You can help us reverse this heartbreaking trend by supporting Greater Good Charities, which is racing to stop poaching, prevent habitat loss, and reduce other threats driving the big cat’s decline. Read on for 3 ways you can help tigers on International Tiger Day and every day of the year!

Help Save Tigers From Extinction

Photo: Pixabay

The tiger’s tragic dilemma inspired one of Greater Good Charities’ signature programs, Project Peril, which is racing to save this incredible animal from extinction. We do this by protecting tigers and tiger habitat, promoting tiger-friendly policies, reducing human-tiger conflict, and proactively working to stop poaching. Learn more about Project Peril and please make a donation to support this critical work.

Help Protect Tiger Habitat

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Another way to help tigers is by supporting Greater Good Charities’ Planet Fund, which preserves and restores the rainforests, jungles, and other diverse habitats tigers call home. To date, we’ve preserved more than 1,275,000 acres of rainforest and other vital habitats, providing life-saving cover for tigers, as well as Andean cats, cheetahs, jaguars, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and other animals threatened by human development, pollution, and habitat loss. Just $10 can make a difference.

Help Care For Rescued Tigers

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Greater Good Charities also helps America’s captive tigers, which are sadly bred to become exotic pets and/or neglected, abused, and exploited in unlicensed “zoos,” including the Oklahoma tiger park run by convicted felon Joe Exotic. After Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries aired, GreaterGood’s Rescue Rebuild program saved some of these rescued tigers, including King Mosiah and King Edwards, by building them a custom 50-acre tiger enclosure on a Colorado wildlife sanctuary. Your continued support helps us provide captive tigers (who were bred in captivity, so can’t be released into the wild) with healthy food and care.

How are you celebrating International Tiger Day?

Protect the Planet

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