Three Owls Have A Hoot On Family’s Front Porch And It Was All Captured On Doorbell Camera

Most owls are nocturnal, meaning they are more active at night, and spend most of their time hunting. But all work and no play makes life boring.

While it is rare to see an owl up-close, one family was surprised by not one or two, but three owls on their front porch.

A woman named Lyndsay just moved into a home with her family and received the best housewarming gift on the first night – a visit from her favorite animal.

Screenshot: YouTube/Ring

She loves owls and her home is proof with owl decor all around, but she never expected to see an owl – let alone three – on her front porch.

Her Ring doorbell captured the trio having a hoot on the front stoop. Two of the owls became fascinated by the camera and looked directly into the lens. A bug swooped in and became a snack for one owl, but not before causing a bit of an argument.

Screenshot: YouTube/Ring

Lyndsay told Ring, “These owls had so much personality! They were so wide-eyed peeking at the camera! One stole a bug the other had dropped and the third owl was a free spirit doing its own thing.”

The video was shared on YouTube and has made the day of thousands of people.

Screenshot: YouTube/Ring

One person perfectly narrated the two owls bickering over the bug.
“-no that’s my bug!
-well you weren’t eating it!
-doesn’t matter, it was still mine!
-so how was I supposed to know? You were just staring at it like an idiot not doing anything…
-so what if I like to take a moment to appreciate my food, I don’t gobble down everything like a pig!
-are you calling me…
-Shhh! Look! I think somebody’s watching us!”

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