The Survival of Sea Turtles

Young sea turtles face incredible odds against their survival from natural causes like predation and environmental challenges. The infants have to run the gauntlet just to survive. As you might suspect, many don’t survive– only about 20 in one-thousand sea turtles make it to breeding age. But the accomplishment of those 20 sea turtles is miraculous!

Unfortunately, sea turtles face more than just natural obstacles. Humans are actually making their lives a lot more difficult. It’s estimated that, since human interference started impacting the oceans and beach nesting grounds, only two in one-thousand survive the perilous journey from egg to breeding age.

In the video below, you’ll see the odds they face– both the result of human behavior and natural obstacles, the way they overcome them, and how incredible their journey is. Learn more about their miraculous existence against these incredible odds. Take a look!

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