What You Need to Know About the Yellowstone Wolf Project

If you looked at the population of Yellowstone National Park’s wolf population seventy years ago, you would have discovered their population had been decimated by hunting. In 1926 the last pack of wolves was killed in Yellowstone, though there were rare sightings of the beautiful animals roaming individually.

Fortunately, in the mid-1970’s a restoration project began. While the process has taken a great deal of time, after a successful reintroduction project in the last decade, these once rare wolves have become one of the park’s top attractions.

Today, biologist Doug Smith of the Yellowstone Wolf Project studies these beautiful animals while advocating on their behalf for better protections. Hopefully, there will never be a day in the future where Yellowstone is without its wolves again.

Learn more about Doug Smith, The Yellowstone Wolf Project, and how people’s attitudes have evolved from the time in which these incredible animals were considered nuisances, in the video below.

Want to do something to help wolves? Sign our petition dedicated to stopping the unlimited shoot-on-sight killing of wolves in most of Wyoming.

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