Have You Seen This Contender for World’s Smallest Monkey!? Check Out the Miniscule Pygmy Marmoset!

The Amazon Rainforest is home to one of the world’s smallest monkeys, the pygmy marmoset. These tiny primates weigh about a centigram and can fit in the palm of a human hand, and they feed mostly on insects and tree-sap. Although they may look adorable, pygmy marmosets are very territorial, and can get quite vicious when other marmosets try to make a move on their turf.

Like all animals in the Amazon, these primates are in danger of losing their habitat to deforestation and climate change. Celebrate Earth Day and donate to protect Mother Earth and the many species of primates, birds, amphibians, and exotic plants that call the Amazon rainforest home and you can help! Follow the link above or push the button below the video.

Watch the video to see a group of pygmy marmosets protect their signature bump-covered tree by fending off an invading clan of sap-hungry rivals.

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