These Baby Monkeys Are SO Cute, I Can Barely Handle It!

Vervet monkeys aren’t so different from humans. When a baby vervet is born, the troupe’s younger members — who are fascinated by babies — visit the newborn with a potent curiosity, and the other vervet mothers show interest in the newborn by examining it to win favor with its own mother.

It’s actually eerily similar to how new parents have their friends and family come to visit them at the hospital, sometimes bringing presents to congratulate the couple, offer to help babysit if they need the extra help, or even make meals to help out the new parents in case they don’t have enough time on their own.

The social aspect of these amazing animals is absolutely fascinating in how similar it is to how we react to newborn babies in our daily lives!

Have a look at the video below to see these cheeky monkeys in action.

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