Yellowstone Isn’t Just About Geysers — See the Incredible Sights!

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Yellowstone National Park, which is mainly in Wyoming but stretches to areas of Idaho and Montana, is the first and largest national park in the United States. Though it is most well known for its famous geyser “Old Faithful,” Yellowstone harbors over sixty species of mammals, making it the largest refuge for mammals in the contiguous United States.

The Yellowstone River, which is the United States’ largest free-flowing river, is an incredible sight. Unfortunately, this once-pristine wonder is in danger of falling prey to Exxon’s fossil-fueled interests. In 2011, even after numerous warning signs of potential weaknesses in their pipelines, Exxon allowed a ruptured pipeline to spill over 1,000 barrels of gasoline into the Yellowstone River for a period of forty-six minutes.

Tell Exxon to take some responsibility, and to rethink their environmentally destructive practices.

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