The Elusive Octopus

In nature, there are a lot of different strategies animals employ to hunt, as well as protect themselves when being hunted. Pangolins, for instance, lack speed and strength to protect themselves from predators. However, when under attack, these scaled animals roll themselves into a ball, utilizing their scales as armor.

When opossums are threatened, the confrontation raises their stress levels so high that they’re sent into shock. While we commonly refer to this as “playing dead,” this is actually a natural response that they can’t help. The comatose state is often accompanied by complete body limpness, and drool streaming from its mouth. The strategy is surprisingly effective, as it eliminates the “thrill of the chase” for potential predators, who are less interested in carrion.

The octopuses, featured in the video below, have their own strategy: camouflage. Their unique, color-changing abilities make them exceptionally difficult to find in ocean. This natural camouflage works well with their solitary, elusive nature.

Watch the video below to learn more about these incredible masters of disguise!

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