The Beginning of a Beautiful Climate

As you likely know, rainforests are full of some of the richest biodiversity on our planet. The biodiversity in these regions is so rich, in fact, that they are home to nearly half of Earth’s wildlife and two-thirds of its plant species. Additionally, rainforests are vital to regulating the climate of our planet and helping prevent soil erosion.

So, we know why they’re so critical to our world, but what else do we know about them?

Tropical rainforests, which are scattered around earth’s hot equator, have lots of trees, and lots of rain — but which came first– the forest or the rain?

In this animation, MinuteEarth shows us how the development of angiosperm trees and the subsequent water cycle boost played an integral role in the creation and perpetuation of thriving forests in the tropics, and how the deforestation of these areas can lead to big trouble in the future.

Watch the video to learn about these amazing ecosystems.

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