Shoppers In Thailand Got Super Creative Now That Plastic Bags Are Banned

Thailand is known as being one of the newest countries to ban the use of single-use plastic bags. They are also now becoming known as a nation full of creative individuals. The ban took place on January 1, 2020, and since then, shoppers have been using all sorts of wonderful items to carry their groceries.

A campaign to reduce plastic bag use got started in the country in 2019. According to Reuters, a number of animals, including a baby dugong, a deer and a Marine mammal were found dead. They were the victims of plastic in their digestive systems.

The United Nations Environmental Programme reports that as many as 5 trillion plastic bags are used annually. When they are not disposed of properly, they can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and can clog waterways. The results can be the spread of malaria and the death of marine life.

Major retailers throughout Thailand started the plastic bag ban on January 1. It wasn’t long after the ban took place that pictures started showing up on social media of shoppers using unusual items to carry home their goods according to NBC.

One of the shoppers can be seen using a traffic cone:

Baskets are perhaps a better choice and shoppers are taking all shapes and sizes with them to the store. This one looks like a good choice:

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ROV ไหมละ is a Facebook user who is collecting pictures of Thais shopping after the plastic bag ban. It shows them using all types of options, including giant sugar bags and wheelbarrows. Shoppers are proud of their ideas:

Thailand isn’t alone in banning the use of plastic bags. 127 countries are regulating single-use plastic bag use, and those are 2018 numbers. New Zealand, Indonesia, and other countries have joined forces since that time.

Mexico City is also a country that started a plastic bag ban at the beginning of the new year. Officials hope that this will bring back some traditional ways of reusing packaging and transporting items, such as paper cones and cloth wrappings. “We have a very rich history in ways to wrap things,” Claudia Hernández, the city’s director of environmental awareness, told The Associated Press.

Social media continues to have some fun with these plastic bag bans. This includes the use of luggage. They work well, and even have wheels.

A plastic bucket is also a great choice and more than likely, you already have one at home. Since you can use it over and over again, it’s a better choice for the environment.

One Instagram user is sporting a baby bath:

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It isn’t just the normal things that people in Thailand are hauling to the store. It seems as if they are really getting creative by combining items to come up with something unique.

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One thing is certain, the plastic bag ban is bringing out a good sense of humor in many people!

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